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Reports and transcripts
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In the past the stenographer took up the parliamentary speeches. His technical and intellectual activities allowed readers to participate and learn about the political life. Today, the use in public and private events and the professionalism of stenographers Stenotypists, integrated with new information technologies, allows any type of user to receive information and news. The media report goes beyond the written text: information technology give a key to the participation of all and add value to communication.

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Captioning and Sign Language interpretation
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The mediation of communication by trained professionals ensures the access to information, education, entertainment: by the use of machine shorthand, voice recognition and Sign Language the immediate access to speeches, meetings and lectures is guaranteed. The audio description enables blind people to have the description of the events of a movie, a play or a TV broadcast.

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Tele Type: remote services
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Remote services with Tele-Type: captioning, Sign Language and foreign languages interpreting, web meeting captioning
The user streams the audio feed and receives immediately captions, Sign Language or foreign languages interpretation on computer or phone.

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Interpreting services
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The success of an event is ensured by the effectiveness of communication. Synchronos realizes skilled and professional interpretation services, entrusted to translators with specific knowledge and experience and at competitive rates. For business meetings, informal meetings, scientific conferences, symposia and seminars, our interpreters ensure high quality and reliability services.

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Services for meetings
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Synchronos organizes events and conferences, planning corporate meetings, cultural and scientific, providing services and equipment. From the location, technical staging, the courtesy services, catering to Synchronos assists you with commitment and competence.

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Training and projects for enhancing the treatment of communication. Specific path to strengthen the skills of managers and workers.
This proposal is addressed to public bodies, companies or reporting agencies, universities and training schools. Self-contained modules articulated and adapted to specific roles.

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High quality

Staff with updated skills, years of experience and great cultural background guarantee flexibility and high quality services

Streaming STTR

Captioning for hearing impaired people, Italian Sign Language and foreign languages interpretation live and for online meetings (Webex, Zoom, Teams...) or social media (Facebook, YouTube)

Industry leader

Synchronos has been serving for years top companies and associations. Universities, public bodies, utility companies

Communication and Technology

Synchronos provides services for accessing communication and information with the most advanced technologies and the best professionals. From the experience of parliamentary and court reporting, Synchronos has developed modern services for communication treatment: machine shorthand, speech recognition, captioning and sign language, audio description, translation and interpretation … the communication mediator plays a central role in the information society, with the unique ability of enhancing the success of events.

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